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SIMBank & SIMCloud

Dinstar SIMCloud & SIMBank is a centralized & remote management system, allows you to manage a large number of SIMs and multiple Dinstar GSM/3G/4G gateways at multiple locations, saves greatly on management costs.


SIMCloud can installed on your dedicated server or on Cloud, provides device management, SIM card management, human behavior simulation, real-time statistics and Open Web-Service API.
SIMBank supports up to 128 SIM cards in 1U box, rack mountable. SIMs information is processed and transmitted through private protocol. All makes it a secure and easy-to-deploy solution.


  • Central Device & SIMs management
  • Compatible with Dinstar GSM/3G/4G gateways
  • Manage multiple Dinstar GSM/3G/4G gateways
  • Control all your SIM cards in your office via IP
  • Hot swappable SIM cards
  • Flexible SIMs allocation
  • Human behavior
  • Auto balance check and top-up
  • Open web-service API

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