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VoIP Billing Software

VoIP InfoTech has integrated its advanced technology Telecom Billing software to support solutions and functionality of varied VoIP business models. Our open source billing software offers customized reports, accounting, details of revenue & expenses, call history of users, etc. Our VoIP Billing Software is comprised of multi threaded C++ code that guarantees high performance billing engine extending supports to millions of calls. Our billing operations based on lower priority threads proceeds without affecting call quality; even, when server utilization is dominating.
Our Billing system software is an embodiment of advanced features and simple configurations easily used by user interface. VoIP InfoTech billing integrations are designed for maximum benefits to clients and are altered with the shifting requirements of telecom sector. Our IP Voip Billing Software Gurgaon , Voip Billing Software Noida are build with varied functionality, flexible technology, enhanced systems, easy operations, etc.
Primary Advantages of VoIP VOIP SoftSwitch: – The below mentioned facts are noted benefits that will give your business a competitive success while opting for VOIP SoftSwitch VoIP.

Synopsis of Telecom Billing: – These are solutions and advanced configurations to be added on your VoIP business.

  • Prepaid end-users & Postpaid end-users
  • Resellers & Residential VoIP,
  • Calling Cards & Recharge Cards (PINs, Vouchers)
  • Callback – PC to Phone – Phone to Phone
  • IVR billing & Recharge account through IVR
  • SIP Softphone
  • Recharge account with recharge cards, via web account, via credit card and e-payment
Voip billing system