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Voip Softswitch Providers

Best SoftSwitch designed by VoIP InfoTech provides direct solution to route the calls from one network to varied networks through the prescribed path of internet protocol. This prescribed path of VOIP SoftSwitch technology route calls on integrated network circuits and packets based networks like PTSN; instead, of conventional landlines. Our VOIP SoftSwitch software meets all complex demands of telecommunication industries or network based industries with its benefits of easier, reliable, and uninterrupted calls; as, compared to an unreliable old telecommunication system.
Our best hosted Voip Softswitch Provider Solution powered by ‘Session Initiation Protocol or SIP’, is highly efficient in performing ITSPs to offer: – PC to Phone, PC to PC, IP Phone to Phone and IP Device to Phone , phone to phone and calling card services. VoIP InfoTech’s VOIP SoftSwitch SIP enables to registered different types of end points like Phone Adapters, Softphone, and IP phones. Hiring our SIP routing will give you the edge of packing your VoIP business with fully featured calling card platform. The Calling Card System with varied organized features will benefit both new and existing service providers to proffer Prepaid VoIP Calling Cards.
Voipinfotech offers VOIp SoftSwitch SIP , Voip Softswitch Providers , hosted voip softswitch provider.
Primary Advantages of VoIP VOIP SoftSwitch: – The below mentioned facts are noted benefits that will give your business a competitive success while opting for VOIP SoftSwitch VoIP.


Scalability:- The quality and quantity of call routing is highly scalable with our VOIP SoftSwitch. As they can easily connect to PC to Phone, PC to PC, IP Phone to Phone and IP Device to Phone, phone to phone and calling card services, so they can easily maintain high number of clients without overloading or pressurizing the processors or servers.hosted voip softwitch provider gurgaon .hosted voip softwitch provider Noida.
Flexible Hardware Free Platform:- No, extra database, hardware maintenance, or hardware platform is required to install VOIP Hardware Provider. They can easily by install in computers processors or portable devices like laptops. Their operations mode will have the basic hardware configurations.
Upgradeable:- Our technology is always flexible and its best example is an easy few steps upgradeable feature. All our upgraded versions can be loaded and installed by following few steps
Expandability:- In case the software expansion is required, it can be easily done with adding new extensions without any difficulty.